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FluidStack democratizes the cloud GPU industry - previously the monopoly of trillion dollar elites. Our Airbnb model connects businesses, researchers and hobbyists to the world’s largest network of individual data centers. With this model, FluidStack users get the same server quality and flexibility as mainstream clouds, but at 3-5x lower prices. In return, data centers gain thousands of customers and don’t waste resources with unused servers.

How it all Started 

Fellow students at Oxford, co-founders Gary and Jamie, noticed that PhD friends struggled funding their ML research due to prohibitive GPU costs on AWS and GCP. Meanwhile, other students’ and gamers’ expensive workstations sat idle in their rooms over 75% of the day. That was the eureka: why not use these under-utilized machines for the PhDs?

This shared economy worked, but soon they realised high cloud costs hurt entire industries. To solve this they needed more reliable machines - expansion was needed. After a 2am conversation on Reddit, FluidStack got their first high-performance server - directly from a software developer's basement in Boston.

This was a game changer. Over the next few months, FluidStack rapidly pivoted from workstations and basement GPU’s to exclusively renting data centers’ unused capacity. Customers could then access a high-performance cloud hosted in Tier 1-4 data centers, for 3-5x lower prices.
Today, FluidStack is the world’s largest network of individual data centers, with over 47,000 GPU servers across six continents. Our Airbnb model unites individual data centers, allowing them to compete with the likes of AWS and GCP. By finally enabling open competition, we made the market efficient and built the GPU cloud offering the industry’s most competitive rates. We dare you to find better.

Our Investors

FluidStack is backed by the original investors of SpaceX, Wise and Revolut. This leading group of investors includes - Founders Factory, Seedcamp, Episode 1 Ventures and the Thiel Foundation.

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