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FluidStack is on a mission to democratize AI and help Machine Learning individuals and companies reduce their GPU costs. To rent processing power, people previously had the choice between quota-limited hyperscalers like AWS and GCP with extreme server costs, or low-scale and unsecure GPU providers such as vast ai. 

FluidStack remedies this by offering the industry’s most secure, scalable and affordable GPU cloud rental service. We aggregate computing power from the world’s largest network of individual Tier 2 to 4 data centers. We offer 99.995% uptime, ISO/IEC certifications (e.g. 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701 etc.) and the 24/7 HPC support you need. All the while, you reduce your server costs by 50-80% compared to AWS, Oracle and Azure.

Our Airbnb model also empowers our data center partners. They gain thousands of customers at no cost, maximize GPU utilization and use the proceeds to scale for you. This is AI infrastructure’s virtuous circle.

How it all Started 

In May 2020, fellow students at Oxford University noticed that their friends doing PhDs in AI struggled to rent GPU computing power with their limited research grants. Indeed, prohibitive server costs on AWS and GCP and the absence of secure and cheap GPU instances seriously hindered their Machine Learning training progress.

Meanwhile, other students, especially gamers, owned expensive NVIDIA GeForce workstations which sat idle in their rooms over 75% of the time. This was the eureka moment: create a GPU marketplace where researchers could rent out GPUs for Deep Learning and leverage these under-utilized machines.

This shared economy maximizing GPU utilization worked - but they quickly realized that high cloud costs harmed entire industries too. To cater for companies and enterprises, they needed reliable and secure servers at scale. Following a 2:00am conversation on Reddit with a data center owner, FluidStack finally got access to their first HPC servers in Boston, US.

This was a game changer. Over the next few months, FluidStack rapidly expanded their data center network which now spans the entire globe. By focusing on enterprise-grade GPU providers, customers can now access a high-performance cloud GPU for AI, but at 3-5x lower server costs than hyperscalers.
Today, FluidStack is the world’s largest network of individual data centers, with over 47,000 GPU servers across six continents. Our Airbnb model unites individual data centers, allowing them to compete with the likes of AWS and GCP. By finally enabling open competition, we made the market efficient and built the GPU cloud offering the industry’s most competitive rates. We dare you to find better.

Our Investors

FluidStack is backed by the original investors of SpaceX, Wise and Revolut. This leading group of investors includes - Founders Factory, Seedcamp, Episode 1 Ventures and the Thiel Foundation.

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