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The world’s largest network of individual data centers. Innovate and scale securely without any limitations. Unlimited choice and infinite locations with minimal pricing.

The cloud reimagined for you.

No more overpriced mega GPU clouds, or long nights spent searching for obscure data centers with limited choice, visibility and security.

FluidStack unites individual data centers to offer you the first truly global and affordable GPU cloud. By joining our ‘Airbnb’ model, you strengthen your collective bargaining power to lower prices and access 47,000+ spare servers.


Our Data Centers range from Tier 1-4 with industry leading certifications including ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2. Have specific security needs? We’ll link you directly to the data centers which meet your requirements.


The industry’s largest choice of NVIDIA GPUs with 47,000+ servers. From powerful A100s and A6000s for ML to GeForce RTXs for rendering and gaming. Customise your server limitlessly or pick from ready-to-use machines.


Your budget should not slow down your time to market. We create open competition in the cloud industry and lever spare capacity to provide the industry’s lowest prices.

Unique Customisation

For custom requests, our partners openly compete to offer you the best performance/price ratio. From extreme RAM requirements to clusters of 1000s of specific machines, we’ll build it for you.


Choose from 100+ data centers on every continent. Sub 15ms latencies anywhere in the world to reach millions of new gamers and streamers around the globe.

Green Data Centers

Request FluidStack’s green data center partners powered by renewables, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Maximize ROI

Generate revenue from your spare GPU capacity and let FluidStack do the legwork. No more costly servers lying unused in dusty racks.

Automate Your Sales

Take the stress out of finding customers. Our dedicated sales team is here to connect growing ML companies with your data center, saving you time and resources.

Win Large Contracts

Be the first notified when a custom client request comes in. Simply respond with your target price and ETA to win $500K+ yearly contracts every week.

Secure Workloads

FluidStack offers fully managed hosting for you. With extensive KYC and our proprietary monitoring software, your servers are safe at all times.

Fast & Simple Setup

Get your servers connected to our platform in minutes. Lay back and receive monthly payments and uptime logs. It’s that simple.

Secure Your Datasets

Process your vital training sets securely in our ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified Tier 4 datacenters. Because data security should not be your concern.

Our Ever Expanding Network

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