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Introducing Three Blackwell Configurations

The forthcoming NVIDIA Blackwell architecture represents a significant leap in advancing generative AI and beyond. Featuring the next-generation Transformer Engine, enhanced connectivity and increased memory bandwidth, it delivers substantial performance and efficiency improvements over its predecessor, setting a new standard in the field.

A true AI Powerhouse

2.5x FP8 performance.

Ultrafast Connectivity

2X NVLink Bandwitdh, up to 1.8 TB/S.

Unprecedented Efficiency

25x better performance-power ratio.

Compared to Nvidia H100.


With nearly 3X more computational throughput compared to the previous generation of H100s, the B100 sets the gold standard for the next generation of Nvidia AI GPUs, with access to faster HBM3E memory and 5th-Gen NVLink.


The next leap forward in AI infrastructure, designed for HPC use cases. With up to a 15x performance increase in LLM inference workloads and 3x training performance compared to Hopper, the B200 redefines what's possible in cutting-edge AI workloads.


The GB200 NVL72 provides up to a 30x performance increase in LLM inference workloads and 4x training performance compared to the same number of NVIDIA H100s, while reducing cost and energy consumption by up to 25x.

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