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Lease us your GPU servers, earn up to $5k per month.

FluidStack rents unused machines from datacentres as a cloud platform, for machine learning, video rendering and cloud gaming.

Up to $5k

Monetize your spare GPU servers and earn a guaranteed income each month. No more wasted servers.

Automate your Sales

FluidStack is a marketplace. We connect your machines to customers and manage the relationship - saving you time and money.

Simple Secure

We fully manage hosting for you. With extensive KYC and our monitoring software, your servers stay safe at all times.

Hosting in 3 steps

1. List your machine on our waiting list
We will approve you after reviewing your hardware.

2. Setup your machine on FluidStack in 3 minutes.
This gives us access to your device.

3. Automatically earn guaranteed payments at the end of the month.
We match your machines with our demand and run it all for you.

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For any questions, please email: support@fluidstack.io

Requirements / FAQs

How much can I earn?

Earn guaranteed monthly payments based on your GPU. Up to $5k per server per month.

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