GPU Cloud.
5x Cheaper. Simple.

We are the Airbnb of GPU compute.

We rent spare capacity in data centers to slash your cloud costs. You get the same quality machines as AWS/GCP but 3-5x cheaper.


Rent GTXs/RTXs for low latency cloud gaming, video rendering and more.


Rent V100s/A100s for intensive ML training and rendering.
FluidStack is proud to provide infrastructure to researchers at:

Live Machines

These are our most popular virtual desktops available right now.

All listings are physical machines, dedicated to you 24/7 - not shared. They are suitable for all use cases and can be provided as bare metal or VMs with Linux or Windows operating systems.

Our customers use FluidStack for machine learning, video rendering, transcoding, cloud gaming, and more! 

We do custom configurations too, just click the link below.
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For any questions or multi-GPU setups, message us on live chat or email us at
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Low cost.
High reliability.

Leverage FluidStack's low-cost cloud to train your neural nets. 5x faster at the exact same cost.

Accelerate Training.

Train your deep learning models on unlimited V100s, and complete trainings in days instead of months.

Reduce your GPU spend.

FluidStack is 3-5x cheaper than AWS, Azure and GCP. Leverage under-utilised data centres around the world to cut your machine learning bills.



Based on 270 reviews
Perfect for deep learning
We rented a single V100 to for an image classification task, worked smoothly, onboarding was a charm, great service.
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Incredibly fast
We rented two 8xV100 machines from FluidStack to train an NLP model. Trained our model in two days instead of over a month.
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Very low latency!
Vortex and Shadow didn't have servers near me so I rented a server from FluidStack for cloud gaming. Had 15ms latency, was amazing!
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