We'll slice your cloud compute bill by 5x. Simple. 

Leveraging virtualisation technology to slash the costs of cloud computation. 

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All plans include the following features as a standard of our product.

High performance cloud GPUs 

No limitations or caps

Ultra low cost cloud VMs

The FluidStack cloud network offers a huge range of GPU hardware, inc. 2080Tis and v100s.

The sky's the limit on instance rental; customers can scale to thousands of parallel instances. 

Powerful GPU enabled VMs with both windows and Linux at a fraction of the cost. 

Built from the ground up for ML and Data Science teams.

Effortless Jupyter Notebooks

ML frameworks pre-supported

Run large batch compute tasks

Discover and work together: share code and data with teams and groups.

Run training on the cloud with TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras and many more.

Spin up multiple instances quickly and hassle free for large data pipelines.

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FluidStack uses virtualisation to offer an ultra-low cost hybrid cloud offering. 

We offer access to hardware from underutilised datacentres, high performance on-prem solutions and private clusters. 

This means that we can offer the same compute instances at a 3-10x lower price point than conventional cloud platforms. 

The cost saving advantage of on-prem with the scalability of cloud.


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Access thousands of high spec GPUs at a fraction of the cost. 

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FluidStack is built from the ground up to scale with your team.




Simple VM access

Desktop, terminal, SSH


Perfect for ML projects

Multiple VMs

Custom billing 


Perfect for larger groups

Priority support

Desktop, terminal, SSH


VPN & networking tools

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