All The Cloud Security You Need

Our Tier 2-4 data center partners meet your highest reliability and security requirements. All of our partners are carefully selected based on the most stringent virtual and physical security criteria. Choose the security level you need.

A Bulletproof Physical Infrastructure

FluidStack’s data center partner infrastructure ranges from Tier 2 to Tier 4 standards with availability above 99.995%.

Access data centers with 24/7 on-site armed security guards, CCTV camera surveillance, automated background checks, two-factor authentication, anti-tailgating and electrified perimeter fencing.

Never worry with our 2N+1 networking and power redundancy present at our partners’ SSAE-18 Type II Certified, HIPAA and PCI compliant data centers.

Virtual Security At Your Service

FluidStack protects user’s data and applications by combining multiple layers of network defense.

We provide end-to-end customer and VM isolation through a combination of active KVMs and iptables/ebtables rules. Our API uses HTTPS to guarantee data privacy and integrity while in transit. Bidirectional encryption prevents any man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping and tampering. Easy-to-use webportal security and management policies together with KYC checks, further constrain access to our services.

Because Compliance Is Key

Our Tier 4 partner’s cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified.

These certifications guarantee the presence of a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) together with an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Access ISO/IEC 27001 and 27701 compliant data centers to securely store your healthcare data, so you can sequence DNA with complete peace of mind.

No more worrying about compliance, we have your back. Feel free to get in touch with one of our security experts if you have any additional questions or concerns about your data’s security.

Trial & Subscription

Can I get a trial to test a specific machine?

We offer free trials depending on the use-case and for long-term commitments only. If you think this applies to you, please get in touch with and provider further information on your server requirements and workload.

Otherwise you can spin up instances by the minute directly from our console for as low as $0.5/hr. Try us out!

Can I just check the latency of the machine and then rent it?

Yes, just rent the server for a few minutes to check this - for as low as $0.50/hr.

To minimise latency, you will have to pick a server location as close as possible to you. Luckily, our servers span the entire globe, so you will definitely find a machine in your vicinity.

If you have more questions about latency, please get in touch with our support team through our live-chat or by email at, as this can vary from server to server.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We only accept debit or credit card payments for now. For long-term or bulk rent purchases we can also work with direct bank to bank transfers such as ACH. Please get in touch with if you’d like to explore this option.

How long does it take to get access to the machine I purchased?

If you are renting an hourly machine in the US through our instant deployment portal, you will gain access to the server within seconds. Note that it may take up to 4 minutes in some cases.

For all other locations (including some in the US) or monthly and longer rentals, this will usually take less than 1 hour if purchased between Monday and Saturday 7am-10pm EST. Note that it may take up to 36 hours in some cases, but you will be informed straight away by email by our technical team if that is the case.

Are your machines fully dedicated or are they spot instances?

Machines are fully dedicated 24/7 to you. They will only stop when you spin down the server or finish your rental period.

Data & Security

What happens to my data when I stop my subscription?

When the rental of your server ends, we automatically destroy your VM and any image you ran on. All your data would therefore be automatically erased. Please beware of that and make sure to save and backup your data externally before requesting a server cancellation. FluidStack will not be held accountable for any data loss following a server termination request.

Do you process personal data and/or share it with third parties?

We do not process any of your data under any circumstances. We do not share nor sell any of your data to Third Parties either. You can request the erasure of your data at any time by emailing us at


What is the difference between KVM Virtual Machines and bare metal instances?

Each bare metal machine receives a fully dedicated IP, whereas virtual machines are placed in a firewalled internal network with specific ports forwarded in. There is a minimal performance loss of less than 3% when running a VM compared to a bare metal server. In both cases, the GPU is fully dedicated to you and not shared with any other user.

Can I run crypto-mining software on the machines?

Mining is only allowed on consumer cards (GeForce RTX range) excluding the latest RTX 30xx series range. Mining is NOT allowed on enterprise grade cards such as the Tesla V100, A100, RTX A6000 etc.

Note that if you are caught mining on a server you are not allowed to, you will immediately be removed from that server and we will not refund you for your purchase as this is a serious breach of FluidStack’s policy.

What if I accidentally shut down my machine?

If you accidentally shut down one of the servers you rent, please email our technical team on the email address. Make sure to indicate the VM ID of the server which needs to be rebooted. One of our tech team members will get your server back live as soon as possible. This typically takes less than 15 minutes anytime between Monday and Saturday from 7am to 10pm EST.

I can only see half of the number of CPU threads (vCPUs) I purchased?

Worry not. All FluidStack servers come with Hyper-threading for Intel CPUs or multi-threading for AMD CPUs. In both cases, this allows for 2 threads per physical core (e.g. an 8 core CPU will have 16 threads). If the server you purchased is a VM, the number of vCPUs shown will correspond to the number of physical cores, NOT to the number of threads. So even if the vCPU number displayed on your computer is half of what you expected it to be, you in reality still have access to double that amount of threads. If you are still confused, please email and they’ll be able to better help you.

Providers & Suppliers

How and when do I get paid?

We pay our data center partners in arrears at the end of every of month via bank transfer or PayPal. We can also arrange other payment methods if needed.

What is an example setup I can provide?

An example machine configuration our data centers provide is:
- 4x RTX A6000 GPUs
- 2x Xeon Silver 4208 CPU (32 Threads total)
- 128 GB RAM1.0 TB NVMe + 2.0 TB GB SATA disk space
- 150 Mbps bandwidth up and down

What are the requirements to become a data center provider on FluidStack?

You must host multiple NVIDIA GPU servers in a secure environment. We prefer Tier 2+ data centers with specific industry certifications. Interested in becoming a supplier? Simply email Make sure to let us know the type, quantity and location of the GPUs you have available. Learn more on our data centers page.

How does the application process work?

Simple. Just email us your available machines at If accepted, we’ll advertise your available servers directly onto our website and you'll get customers running on these in no time! This process can also be automated by integrating directly with your own API.

For larger partnerships, we may set up an introductory call to maximise our relationship.

How does bidding work for custom orders?

Whenever a large customer requests a custom server build, you will receive an automated email. This email will include all the details of the deal, including the expected delivery ETA and price points. Simply answer this email and provide a quote for this custom request. We aggregate all the quotes and will then let you know if the customer decided to proceed with your offer. Please note that responses within 24h of the custom request will be prioritized.

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