Frequently asked questions.

Here are additional relevant questions asked by our customers or suppliers.

Trial & Subscription

Can I get a trial to test the machine?

We offer trials for depending on the use-case. Please get in touch with and provide further information on your server requirements and workload.

Can I pay for an hour to test it first?

Unfortunately we do not offer machines on an hourly basis for now. The shortest rental period is one week.

Can I just quickly check the latency of the machine and then rent it?

Unfortunately not, you would need to rent the server first to be able to check this. However we recommend getting in touch with our support team through live-chat for any questions regarding latency as these vary from server to server.

Can I pay with Paypal? 

No, we only accept debit or credit card payments for now. For long-term or bulk rent purchases we can also work with direct bank to bank transfers or find alternative payment solutions.

How long does it take to get access to the machine I purchased?

If the server is purchased between Monday and Saturday, 7am-10pm EST, it will usually take less than 1 hour between the moment you purchase the server and the time you receive the login details via email. Note that it may take up to 36 hours in some cases, but you will be informed straight away by email by our technical team if that is the case.

I purchased a server with X number of CPU threads and I can only see half of them (vCPUs), how come?

Worry not. All FluidStack servers come with Hyper-threading for Intel CPUs or multi-threading for AMD CPUs. In both cases, this allows for 2 threads per physical core (e.g. an 8 core CPU will have 16 threads). If the server you purchased is a Virtual Machine, the number of vCPUs shown will correspond to the number of physical cores, NOT to the number of threads. So even if the vCPU number displayed is half of what you expected it to be, you will still have access to double that amount of threads. If you are still confused, please email and they’ll be able to better help you.

Security & Data

Do you collect personal data and/or sell it to third parties?

We do not collect or process any personal data, nor do we sell any to third parties.

What happens to my data when I stop my subscription?

We destroy your VM and any image you ran on automatically when your subscription ends. So all your data would be automatically erased. Please beware of that and make sure to save your data externally when requesting a server cancellation.


What is the difference between KVM virtual machines and bare metal?

Each bare metal machine receives a fully dedicated IP, whereas virtual machines are placed in a firewalled internal network with specific ports forwarded in. There is virtually no performance loss running a VM compared to a bare metal server (less than 3%). In both cases, the server is fully dedicated to you.

Can I run crypto-mining on the machines? 

Mining is only allowed on consumer cards (GeForce RTX range) excluding the latest RTX 30xx series range. Mining is NOT allowed on enterprise grade cards such as the Tesla V100, A100, RTX A6000 etc.

Note that if you are caught mining on a server you are not allowed to, you will immediately be kicked off that server and we will not refund you for your purchase as this is a serious breach of FluidStack’s policy.

What if I accidentally shut down my machine?

If you accidentally shut down one of the servers you rent, please email our technical team using the email address. Make sure to indicate the VM ID of the server which needs to be rebooted. One of our tech team members will then get your server back live as soon as possible (typically Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm EST).

Providers & Suppliers

What are the requirements to become a FluidStack provider?
  1. We pay you at the end of every of month via PayPal or bank transfer. The email address you signup with will be the email address used for the PayPal payments.

  2. A single GPU of one of the following models:

    1. A100, V100 32GB, V100 16GB, 3090, 3080, 3070, 2080 Ti

    2. We pay per GPU, so multi-GPU machines receive higher payments. With a multi-GPU machine, we are expecting a better CPU and RAM.

  3. At least have 16GB+ RAM per GPU.

  4. Have an IPv4 address (IPv6 is not supported at the moment) with a router that can port-forward.

  5. Minimum of Core i7 generation CPUs or equivalent with 8 CPU threads per GPU.

  6. Your CPU AND motherboard have to support integrated graphics.

  7. At least 50Mbps guaranteed bandwidth per machine you are renting us.

    1. For example, if you want to rent out 20 machines, you need 200Mbps up and down.

    2. For non-symmetrical connections, at least 0Mbps of the lower one (either up or down).

    3. Use routers with Quality of Service to prioritize our traffic if you face frequent traffic issues.

  8. All GPUs must be connected to the motherboard directly through a 16x PCIe slot or an 8x for multi-GPU hosts. 1x Risers will NOT work.

  9. At least 500GB of free SSD storage per GPU.

  10. Accept payments through PayPal.

For any issues meeting our requirements please email

How and when do I get paid?

We pay you at the end of every of month via PayPal or bank transfer. The email address you signup with will be the email address used for the PayPal payments.

What if I want to use my computer?

FluidStack requires your machine to be available 24/7 while on our platform. However, if at any point you decide to leave the program, you will just need to give us one week notice.

What about multi-GPU machine?

We pay per GPU, so multi-GPU machines receive higher payments (proportional to the number of GPUs in the machine). With a multi-GPU machine, we however expect better CPU and RAM.

What's an example setup?

An example machine configuration is:

  • 4x 3090 GPUs
  • 2x Xeon Silver 4208 (32 Threads total)
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 1.0 TB NVMe + 2.0 TB GB SSD disk space
  • 150 Mbps bandwidth up and down